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Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling Tissue (5 packets)

Keep Smiling Tissue (5 packets)

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Upgrade your tissue experience with our disposable soft facial tissues. Enjoy the luxury of 5-ply softness, convenience of the bag cover design, and the satisfaction of knowing you're making an environmentally friendly choice. Choose quality, choose comfort, choose our facial tissues for a touch of indulgence in your everyday life.

  • Unmatched Softness and Durability: Our disposable soft facial tissues are crafted with 5-ply layers, providing a luxurious feel and exceptional strength. With 360 sheets per pack, you'll have an ample supply of these premium tissues to cater to your every need.
  • Made from High-Quality Native Wood Pulp Fiber: We believe in using only the finest materials for our facial tissues. That's why our tissues are made from high-quality native wood pulp fibre, ensuring a superior softness and an ultra-absorbent experience. Say goodbye to rough tissues and hello to the gentle touch of quality.
  • Convenient Bag Cover Design: Our facial tissues come in a bag cover, rather than a box, for added convenience. The well-designed bag ensures easy access and one-at-a-time dispensing, allowing you to grab a tissue with effortless ease whenever you need one.
  • Well-Designed and Easy to Open: We've paid attention to every detail to make your experience seamless. The facial tissue bag is thoughtfully designed, making it a joy to use. Opening the bag is a breeze, and the tissues dispense one at a time, eliminating the frustration of clumping. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with every use.
  • The Best Choice for All Your Needs: Our high-quality disposable facial tissues are versatile and cater to every member of your family. From children to the elderly, these tissues are ideal for various purposes. Use them to wipe hands, clean stains, or keep your loved ones feeling fresh and healthy. They're a must-have for every household.
  • Environmentally Friendly and 100% Degradable: We care about the environment as much as you do. That's why our facial tissues are 100% degradable, making them a more eco-friendly choice. You can enjoy their comfort and usability while also contributing to a greener planet. Feel good about your choices with our sustainable tissues.
  • Softness that Matters: If softness is a priority for you, look no further. Our facial tissues offer an unparalleled softness that will make every touch a delight. Whether you place them in your room, car, office, or handbag, these tissues will provide the utmost comfort whenever you need it most.
  • Absorbent Power: Our facial tissues are not just soft; they're also highly absorbent. Their superior absorbency ensures that moisture is quickly and effectively captured, leaving your skin feeling dry and refreshed. Experience the perfect balance of softness and absorbency with our exceptional tissues.


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